Terri Laliberte has vWD Type 1 and resides in Thomaston CT with her husband Mark and their son Eric, who also has vWD Type 1, four dogs and one cat. They also have a son, Ryan, who lives with his girlfriend Courtney and they have a son, Elias.

Terri worked in the banking industry for over ten years. When Terri’s boys where older she returned to work for an attorney who focused on Bankruptcy and Foreclosure cases. Terri’s second son, Eric, was born with Down Syndrome and the decision was made for Terri to become a stay at home Mom.

Terri and her family have been involved with CHS since 2010 and Terri has been a board member since 2018. They have been involved with New England Hemophilia Association since 2005. Terri and Mark also co-chair a Special Needs Boy Scout Troop. They are very involved in the Special Olympics with Eric. They recently joined the NY Hemophilia Group.