Meagan joined the Connecticut Hemophilia Society as a board member in 2016. Before becoming the Executive Director for CHS, Meagan has been an active volunteer, advocate,and a member of the Board of Directors. She is a single mother of two, Madeline and T.J. Meagan was diagnosed in the mid 90’s with von Williebrand . She became an active member of the bleeding disorder community when her son was diagnosed with vWD and Factor XII deficiency in 2011.

Meagan is an active member of NEBDAC, NEHA, HFA, and also has been an advocacy contributor at Washington Days for NHF. Meagan brings her passion for our community, analyzing and communication skills to the table which makes her a great leader for CHS.

Meagan graduated from Notre Dame in 2001 with a degree in Media Art. Since then she has excelled in and has a certificate as a Business Analyst, she is Green Belt certified in Lean, Six, Sigma. She has previously worked as a writer and a system analyst. She currently resides in Rhode Island.