Janine joined the board in 2016. She has VWD Type 1 and was diagnosed in 2013 and her daughter, Daniela, has severe VWD Type 1C. Daniela was diagnosed in 2008 when she was 6 months old. Janine was an advocate for bleeding disorders long before she was diagnosed. She has been educating people in her community and through social media sites where she offers information about VWD.

Janine has a Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Business creation. When she came to USA in 2000 she found a community group where she was helping people in the Latin community find jobs.She Graduated from PLTI (Parents Leadership Training Institute), and PEP (People Empowering People), a government program created to advocate for families and children. Janine and her husband have been involved with different nonprofit organizations around the Connecticut area since 2004.

With the support of Janine and her husband Nemorio, her daughter Daniela founded Daniela’s Little Wish, an organization that offers custom birthday cakes at no cost for kids living with life threatening illnesses, children with bleeding disorders and other chronic illnesses.