CT Hemophilia sponsors a young man from India. Hemophilia treatment in India is extremely difficult to obtain. Here in the USA we are able to sponsor kids through the Save One Life Foundation

Yesu is now 16 year old and he in the 11th grade. He is studying math, physics, chemistry, English, and Sanskrit. His favorite subject this year has been English. He enjoys playing computer games when he is done his school work.

Yesu Babu is sponsored through Save One Life, a not-for-profit organization.

Yesu’s recent bleeds have been to his elbows and knees. He receives infusions of factor at the Sidhardha Medical College and Hospital in Vijayawada.

Yesu lives in the same home with his parents and older sister. This year, he and his family attended a family member’s wedding ceremony. They enjoyed the celebration very much and included a photo from the day for you to see.

In the gallery above, there are several pictures of Yeshu with his family and friends.