Emergency Reference Guide For Educators


    • Never keep a person with hemophilia waiting.
      • Contact parents immediately if:

– Student suffers a blow to the head, neck or abdomen.

      – In any emergency situation.
      • SIGNS & SYMPTOMS that a bleed may be occurring:

– Complaints of tingling, bubbling, stiffness, or decreased range of motion in any limb.

      – Student has a swollen body part, usually a joint, or an area that is warm to the touch.
      – Student favors an arm or leg more than usual.
      – Student limps, or refuses to use a limb.
    • Small surface cuts (such as a paper cut) generally respond to basic first aid – wash the cut, apply pressure and bandage.
    • Maintain Universal Precautions at all times when treating an open wound.
  • Contact your School Nurse for additional information pertinent to your student.